Sex Show

Come see the Sex Show!

Frontal Lobe Community Space and Gallery in Bragg's Pie Factory, 1301 Grand, Phoenix, AZ
Opening Reception: 6-10pm, September 6, 2013
Closing Reception: 6-10pm, September 20, 2013
The exhibit will also be open Saturday September 21st from 1-4pm.
The exhibit can be seen other times during the month by appointment by contacting Beatrice Moore at 602.391.4016

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The exhibit can be seen other times during the month by appointment by contacting Beatrice Moore at 602.391.4016.

We hear, see, and read about various takes on women's sexuality every single day, one could even say we are "bombarded" by myriad images and hypothesis projecting what women think, feel, want, and experience regarding sexuality. Women are constantly barraged by images and messages intended to influence their sexual identity - both from an inner sense of self and outward appearances.

A group of women artists, most of whom have been actively working in various mediums in the Phoenix and Valley art scene for many years, have been invited to create a personal commentary on "sex" - and what thoughts, feelings, emotions, and visuals come to mind in interpreting this very loaded word. Curated by Beatrice Moore, this exhibit is comprised of women artists she felt could interestingly, and provocatively, engage the public in a spoken, visual, and tactile dialogue about the many meanings, and various interpretations, of "sex".

Artists participating include: Babs A'Delic, Melinda Bergman, Sue Chenoweth, Susan Copeland, Mona Higuchi, Dena Johnson, Carolyn Lavender, Annie Lopez, Carrie Marill, Monica Aissa Martinez, Lara Plecas, Christy Puetz, Irma Sanchez, Heather Smith-Gearns, Karolina Sussland, Jen Urso, Yuko Yabuki, and Denise Yaghmourian; with a special body painting project by Gingher Leyendecker.

The Frontal Lobe Community Space and Gallery is a relatively new space on Grand Avenue in the historic Bragg's Pie Factory building. The goal of the space is to showcase both established and lesser known artists, and create a place where fine art and community endeavors co-exist, and even at times, overlap. The space is intended to be utilized as a community space as much as a gallery, and provides a venue where non-commercial work is encouraged and embraced. Film, performance, music, exhibits, historical explorations, science, and a host of other topics and various mediums are encouraged as part of an eclectic mix and a variety of approaches.

Media Contact: Beatrice Moore
Phone: 602.391.4016

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